Dear Friend

Dear Friend

Who Sees


Dear friend,

These days which bring such lighted promise

Within this arduous muscled battle

Witness His bright Charity

                and Wisdom wound

                and found in you.

And while you

                in His great love

                sweep toward the fray

And swords of prayer sing louder still

I am still appearing

                    spearing at windmills

                    tossed and

                    lost along the battle’s rim

Wandering on my dog-eared mule.

                                                                (yes, it is okay to laugh).


But you

My friend

Do not despise my youth

And all my lost and easy words

pass by your ears of wisdom



like an untold story

in a foreign city

                                          with no                                                                                            interpreter


And though I now drink Hope

Where once

Was bitter gall

You have Hope yet brighter still

Which I do not yet



But this we do share: We love the Wind

                And  the Wind swirls round us like Love Himself

                And  the thin windchimes tin and shimmer gently

                And the young brown birds land on the wires,



Only to rise on new currents

Painting an ecstatic rhythm of freedom

within the will of the Wind


And in my most quiet moments

I see the Universe winding down

Within God’s utter Completeness


and Joy.



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